Youtex Korea dan Jepang, Deadline 30 September 2016

Youtex Korea dan Jepang

Tempat: Seoul, South Korea and Kyoto, Japan

  • Seoul: 14th-20th November 2016;
  • Kyoto: 21st-26th November 2016

Biaya Pendaftaran: 890 USD

Youtex Korea dan Jepang, Deadline 30 September 2016

Youtex Korea dan Jepang, Deadline 30 September 2016

Are you a young people that happy to learn new things and have a dream to make a change to the world and strong determined to realize that dream for the sake of being able to give an innovation and creativity impact to your country?

Come and Join with Youth Excursion Korea & Japan Program.

  • Seoul, Korea
    • November , 14th – 20th 2016
  • Kyoto, Japan
    • November , 21th – 26th 2016

Schedule Event:

  • Welcoming Party
  • International Symposium (Seoul National University)
  • Company Visit (Seoul Global Startup Centre)
  • Business and city challenge
  • Cultural Day Performance
  • Closing Ceremony

More Info:

Deadline:September 30th,2016

Let’s show that you can also be the best delegation from your country.
Let’s share your brilliant idea about ASEAN Future with International Student.
Get amazing experience to enhance your International networking.
YOUTEX accommodate ideas of university students among ASEAN countries be a platform to exchange knowledge about leadership, entrepreneurship, culture and ASEAN Community.

Info dan Kontak:

  • Phone & WhatsApps: +62 859 6668 5674
  • Email:
  • Line ID: youthexcursion
  • Follow our Instagram : @youth_excursion
  • Follow our Twitter : @youthexcursion
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