Workshop Life Learning Series : Kill Your Negativity – Indonesia Blockchain Hub, 25 Mei 2019

Tanggal25 Mei 2019
Waktu10:00 – 14:00
TempatIndonesia Blockchain Hub, Jakarta

Life Learning Series is a series of crash course designed to upgrade your capability. We believe continuous learning as part of personal development, and we would like to support as many people as possible by providing tools and knowledge that are needed for people to live their desired lives.

From each series, you will practice and gain various knowledge and tools that will accelerate your personal development journey in creating your desired and fulfilled life.

Do u ever have a question like this? “I’m dying inside,I feel like my negative thoughts & emotions are killing me, what should I do?”

Learn to protect urself! Preparing urself by getting STRONGER than negativity.

Info dan Kontak:

  • Hotline : 0812 2170 5789
  • Instagram : IOMWOfficial