The 2nd Loop Conference – Balai Kartini Jakarta, 19-20 Juli 2017

The 2nd Loop Conference 2017

Tempat: Gedung Balai Kartini, Jakarta
Tanggal: 19-20 Juli 2017

The 2nd Loop Conference - Balai Kartini Jakarta, 19-20 Juli 2017
The 2nd Loop Conference – Balai Kartini Jakarta, 19-20 Juli 2017

Themes : “The Art of Learning & Development : Engaging Learning & Development to Drive Future Workforce and Organization”

In a time of rapidly changing business environment, keeping people up-to-date and innovative are key capacities for success organisation as well as building organisations that are ready and able to take on the challenge and opportunities of constant change by making learning an integral part of business strategy and day to day work. It is like art that combines variety of uniqueness in individuals and organization became a powerful harmony that encourages growth.

Effective L&D supports the development of a high performance culture in organization, help individuals and teams strengthen their skills and advance their careers, help organizations move ahead with purpose, managing change management, culture shift to increase staff engagement and operational excellence and many more.

This year’s Conference is to bring together industrial experts in learning and development as well as senior leaders from business, and will focus on all the elements that will help you build a learning-centered culture and learning-driven organisation to drive organization growth. From talent development, change management, coaching, leadership development, etc. The primary goal of the conference is to share the latest concept and application of engaging learning and development in organization to drive future workforce and organization.

Participants will learn, connect and engage in this interactive conference, and get insights from many perspectives, best practices and practitioners as well as benefit for their own application in their organization.

Participants profile:

HR, HC, L&D, Managers, Senior Management, Leaders, Business Owner, Professional, Consultant, Practitioner from corporate, Private & Public Sector, MNC, etc.

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