TEDx Universitas Pertamina – Jakarta, 19 Oktober 2019

Tanggal19 Oktober 2019
TempatUniversitas Pertamina, Jakarta

TEDx is an initiative of the TED conference, a non profit devoted to ideas worth spreadinng. Tedx brings the the spirit of idead worth spreading to local communities around the globe by giving people platform to deliver their ideas. 

The aim of TEDx Universitas Pertamina is to accommodate all great mind whose not getting enough expose in various fields to spread their “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

The brilliance of this model is that participants listen to lectures directly, while videos produced from presentations are posted online for anyone in the world to access for free.

The hope is that the ideas, perspectives, and insights contained in this conversation broaden the perspectives of the audience.

This can lead to direct action to help a cause, changes in personal behavior, or new ways to consider problems that the community’s new views and understandings.

Info dan Kontak:

  • Instagram (@tedxuniversitaspertamina)
  • CP: 081617274980