Seminar Nasional Business Administration Days UI, 16 November 2019

TanggalSabtu, 16 November 2019
TempatAuditorium Vokasi UI, Depok
Harga Tiket Masuk (HTM)Rp 50.000

Hello youngpreneurs! 👋🏻

Do you want to know how to be successful in business at a young age? If you want to learn how to run a business and become a young entrepreneur, then BRAND is the perfect choice for you!

This year, the seminar theme is “How to Make Impactful Business in Digital Era”, and it will be hosted by amazing speakers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and thought leaders.

The Seminar will be hosted by:
1. Faizal Hermiansyah (CEO of Eight Code)
2. Alvin Sobari (Head of Marketing Regional Gojek)
3. Angga Nugraha (Co-Founder of Upnormal & Bakso Boedjangan)
4. Oki Earlivan (CEO Tripologic)

Moderator : Syifa Amania (Most Outstanding Student FIA UI 2017)

Info dan Kontak:

Instagram: @brand.ui
LINE: @880neyof
CP: +6281219197450 (Lilla)