Computer Science Education Week Surabaya, 8 – 16 Des 2014

Computer Science Education Week – Surabaya

Tanggal: 8 – 16 Desember 2014

Tempat: Institut Sains Terapan dan Teknologi Surabaya (iSTTS) Surabaya

Biaya pendaftaran: GRATIS!

Computer Science Education Week Surabaya
Computer Science Education Week Surabaya

Topic (Choose any topic that you like):

  1. Easy to do business with Digital Printing
  2. Product design using AUTOCAD
  3. Integration of production process with Wonderware Software
  4. Develop augmented reality for Mobile Devices
  5. Make Android Games Apps using Adobe Flash
  6. Simple game programming with Greenfoot
  7. Creating 2D Animated game with Scratch
  8. Develop first person shooting game in the easiest way
  9. Hour of code : programming for science
  10. How to train your “Drag-On”
  11.  Ironman arc reactor : A Colorful electronic project
  12. All electronic projects with PROTEUS from Concept to Complete
  13. Green Screen Vine
  14. Amazing FB Cover with Blender
  15. 3D Printing – Blending imagination with reality


  1. CNC Laser Cutting
  2. Pin Maker Machine
  3. Multilanguage Virtual Translator
  4. 3D Hidden Object game
  5. High School Quiz game
  6. Augmented Reality for Interactive Ads Platform
  7. Escape from Zombie Island Game
  8. Mind game
  9. LED Project : LED Cube, Spinning LED, LED Globe
  10. Controlilng moving sign with Android
  11. Bioscoop DeKaVe
  12. Augmented Reality
  13. Toys Design
  14. 3D Printed Design


Info dan kontak:

Devi Dwi: 0857 4504 9867 | 031 5027920