The 10th Annual Concert “RECOLOR” Retro to Colorful – Universitas Brawijaya, 30 November 2019

Tanggal30 November 2019
Waktu18:00 – 21:00 WIB
TempatUBTV Rectorate Building,
Universitas Brawijaya
Harga Tiket Masuk (HTM)Gold : Rp. 65.000
Silver : Rp. 45.000

Music is indeed inseparable from human life. But it cannot be denied that music will change depending on the era. Be a part of amazing show contemporary and pop choral pieces composed by The Spectacular Composer, we will bring you to an atmosphere of musical evolution from generation to generation and will make you remember a memory with the song.

Info dan Kontak:

  • LINE :
    • faradinta17
    • Jihanhanaa
  • WA :
    • 089652438123 (Dinta)
    • 081232761388 (Jihan)