Asia Young Sociopreunership Leaders Exchange, 28 November – 2 December 2016

Asia Young Sociopreunership Leaders Exchange

Tempat: Singapore
Tanggal: 28 November – 2 December 2016

Asia Young Sociopreunership Leaders Exchange, 28 November - 2 Desember 2016
Asia Young Sociopreunership Leaders Exchange, 28 November – 2 Desember 2016

Southeast Asia challenged by AEC  to create a regional model that provides both open economy and social support for less developed nations, and in turn, its poorer citizen. Ideally, a social entrepreneurial project should be able to be adapted to fit different cultural environments. This way, its reach will be much broader and bring change to more communities. Social entrepreneurs are essential in today’s world, which still suffers from many social problems such as economic crisis, war, diseases, discrimination, displacement, homelessness, poor health and nutrition, and social exclusion to name only a few. In this context, social entrepreneurs are needed more and more. There will never be a limit on the number of social entrepreneurs needed in the world. Instead, there is always a place where such people can make a monumental difference in the lives of others.

Encouraging entrepreneurship is particularly important to face challenges related to alarmingly high youth unemployment rates in most of the ASEAN nations. Entrepreneurship and self-employment offer pathways for young people to emerge from unemployment. In this context, special attention is paid to the social entrepreneurship model, which is embedded in the real economy, close to people and to local communities, and primarily aimed at contributing to the general good of society.

Joining ASIA Young Sociopreneur Leaders Exchanges focused specifically on youth will not only provide young people with a positive outlet for their ideas, but it will give them a space for healthy interaction as well as a sense of independence, self-autonomy and competence that acts as a springboard for them to become confident, dedicated change-makers throughout their lives. They will form a network of friends who have similar interests in bringing positive change to their communities.

This program particularly focuses on social entrepreneurship and youth and highlights the importance of this approach in contributing towards the development of critical skills and competencies of young people to positively engage in society, exercise leadership and become involved in social change. This positive youth development approach advocates for young people to achieve their full potential as the best way to prevent them from engaging in risky behaviour.

The ASIA Young Sociopreneurship Leader Exchange will be held on Singapore November 28th – Desember 2nd, 2016. The selection devide by 2 form individual or team and be selected for 40 delegates only. The registrasion date is September 15th – October 1st 2016. To join this programme you click the link and full fill the form before the deadline.

For further info and contact person Reza (089691850891/WA) or Roshinta (08995282669/WA).