Agria Youth Program 2015 – Institut Pertanian Bogor, 2 – 5 Sept 2015



Agria Youth Program

Agria Youth Program is a series of international events held this year from 2nd till 4th of September by Agricultural Faculty of Bogor Agricultural University. There are five international events consists in this year Agria Youth Program which are Plenary, Parallel Session, Forum Formation, Awarding Night, and Excursion

1. Plenary

This plenary is objected to inform the participants regarding the solid comunity of world countries in facing the market and empowering the tropical agriculture potential. The theme of the plenary is Empowering Young Generation for The Development of Sustainable Tropical Agriculture. Therefore, the focus of this event is the agricultural issues and agricultural potential to become the main sector of economy. This plenary is also objected to broaden the knowledge of participants about the recent problems in tropical agriculture in the world to be powerful. Through this plenary, it is expected that creative ideas will emerge from participants to solve given problems in agriculture.

  1. Parallel Session

Parallel Session is objected to present their paper submission. Every team present their own paper in each panel based on the subtheme. This conference guided by a lecture in each subtheme as a jury.

  1. Forum Formation

In this event, participants will discuss about the organization guidance. Participants will also conduct an executive committee election of Agriculture Students Forum period 2015/2016. Then, the forum will state the vision and mission for the following term of World Agriculture Students Forum 2015/2016 period. Then we make Bogor Protocol as the proof that this forum has founded. The participants of Agria Youth Program will automatically become the delegation of countries who joined the Agriculture Students Forum and its committees for the 2015/2016 period.;

  1. Awarding Night

Awarding night for all the participants in this event. There are many cultural perfomance from participants such as singing, dancing the traditional dance, etc. Awardness for the best speaker, best paper in each sub-theme, and the best traditional costume.

  1. Excursion

The excursion especially prepared as refreshment for all delegations of The International Plenary and Initiation of Agriculture Students Forum. The excursion will be a visitation to recreational sites around Bogor. This event is expected to tighten the friendship among delegations, especially from different countries in the world.


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